Let HealthTerm unlock the power of your unique clinical data

Your organization is busy. The clinical team is caring for patients and your technical team is caring for the data. You may not be able to keep all the terminology and codes needed throughout the continuum up to date. Your organization requires a ‘surgical’ approach to manage this data for all.


Learn more about how you can view patient data in a way that’s comprehensible and consistent to provide quality patient care. let us tell you about how to identify care needs, and enhance perform analytics.

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Solutions for payers, providers, health systems and healthcare organizations.

Enable your ecosystem to share and manage your healthcare data. 

Governance and distribution of local as well as international structured healthcare data.

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“Terminology is complicated, but your solution doesn’t have to be. HealthTerm simplifies our customers’ terminology management so they can focus on what is important to them – patients.”


President & CEO at J2 Interactive.