CareCom and Lyniate have merged! Read about the merger in this press release and visit for more developments. Watch this on-demand webinar where CareCom and Lyniate teams discuss the merger and explain how clinical terminology mapping services can advance your interoperability strategy.

We help You Speak

Interoperability Language Fluently

Clinical terminology is complicated, your terminology management solutions do not have to be.

Let us unlock the power of your unique clinical data.

We help You Speak

Interoperability Language Fluently

Clinical terminology is complicated, your terminology management solution doesn’t have to be.


Interoperability, data exchange, healthcare codes and FHIR, it all sound familiar, but how does the pieces fall in position? Read more in our white paper and get to know why a terminology server important in your FHIR implementation.

About HealthTerm

When healthcare systems are able to share and understand the same clinical data languages, the focus can be on what really matters… the patients. Learn more about our solutions.

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How does HealthTerm work?

Tie the terminology together in a meaningful, repeatable and scalable fashion, funnel all the concepts into common clinical data languages.

The challenge with healthcare terminology is to transform non standard and standard data into common clinical data languages. HealthTerm is the key to unlock the power of clinical data.

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What are the potential outcomes and effects of HealthTerm? What can HealthTerm do for you? Listen to our Customer story by Manifest MedEx and their CTO David Kates. 

Words from our partner

Successful businesses collaborate. Read more about our strategic partners and how we work together.

“Terminology is complicated, but your solution doesn’t have to be. HealthTerm simplifies our customers’ terminology management so they can focus on what is important to them – patients.”

Lou LaRocca

President & CEO at J2 Interactive


Our Customers

“CareCom is a key trusted partner of Manifest MedEx (MX) in our work of delivering health data for more than 25 million Californians. As the largest nonprofit health information utility in the state, MX processes hundreds of thousands of healthcare transactions a day from hundreds of disparate healthcare organizations. CareCom’s Healthterm product supports MX in standardizing the myriad code sets and terminologies used by those organizations into consistent code values and descriptions. This allows MX and its participants to view patient data in a way that’s comprehensible and consistent to provide quality patient care, identify care needs, and perform analytics. CareCom has grown with MX and supported our needs as they have evolved over our long relationship.”


Chief Technology Officer at Manifest MedEx


Words from our customer

Get to know our customers’ journey.

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ICD-11 Migration Timeline

CareCom is ready to rollout ICD-11 content to it’s new and existing customers. The move to ICD-11 has already begun in Europe and the discussion is starting in other parts

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