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Clinical terminology is complicated, your terminology management solutions do not have to be.


HealthTerm® is a combined terminology solution, authoring tool and FHIR terminology service. One application and one source of truth that handles everything from metadata to content management, as well as all phases from development to publication in consistent and proven workflows.

HealthTerm addresses interoperability challenges, clinical presentation requirements, and help overcome fractured, non-structured data issues. HealthTerm remains focused on terminology, mapping and translation services for clinical, research, analytic and payer organizations.


Interoperability, data exchange, healthcare codes and FHIR, it all sound familiar, but how does the pieces fall in position? Read more in our white paper and get to know why a terminology server important in your FHIR implementation. 


Approximately 80% of all clinical data today is in an unstructured format, such as free text, or other formats that can not be used by other IT systems for health and medical care. Therefore, lots of detailed and important information is lost. Careindexing transforms unstructured text into a structured and usable format, using AI algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing). These unique features minimize time spent on manual indexing, optimizes the work flow for health care professionals and improves data analysis and research.


Healium powered by HealthTerm helps clinicians search for codes across code systems in an easy to use, real-time browser. The browser allows users to anonymously search all code system concepts and hierarchies, with different search options depending on the context. The browser view enables a look into code system though tree navigation or as a concept view. Healium help the clinicians to easy access of relevant and updated health terminologies, it also provides flexibility to the publisher with a list of configuration possibilities.

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