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HealthTerm for Health Information Exchange

Why is a terminology management solution important for HIEs? There are many different sources of patient data with multiple purpose. Research show that major volumes of data is not mapped to the standard codes. So what happens when data doesn’t make sense to organizations and patients? Watch the video and learn how you can make sense of all your patient data.

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key benefits

Unifies clinical data from disparate systems through advanced mapping features.

Adhere to data privacy requirements for sensitive (HIV, Mental Health) clinical information.

Speak the same clinical data 'language' by normalization and standardization.


Get to know our customers’ journey.

“CareCom is a key trusted partner of Manifest MedEx (MX) in our work of delivering health data for more than 25 million Californians. As the largest nonprofit health information utility in the state, MX processes hundreds of thousands of healthcare transactions a day from hundreds of disparate healthcare organizations. CareCom’s Healthterm product supports MX in standardizing the myriad code sets and terminologies used by those organizations into consistent code values and descriptions. This allows MX and its participants to view patient data in a way that’s comprehensible and consistent to provide quality patient care, identify care needs, and perform analytics. CareCom has grown with MX and supported our needs as they have evolved over our long relationship.”

David Kates

Chief Technology Officer at Manifest MedEx.