Interoperability Solutions

Solutions for payers, providers, health systems and healthcare organizations that are aiming to fulfill interoperability and patient access requirements.

HealthTerm for Interoperability

So, you want interoperability? But, how do we get there? Interoperability challenges are prevalent in the healthcare IT sector. Learn how to overcome these roadblocks with HealthTerm.

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Share patient data: ease of data request through FHIR.

Rapid implementation timeline.

Improved patient safety through standardized data.

Words from our ceo

Read our CEOs’ take on interoperability and vision for the future of terminology solutions.

“To integrate healthcare data, we need to align on coding, metadata and description, to have one single source of truth. This is where we see that FHIR describes with all the sets, and HealthTerm is the tool to enable local data to be aligned with the single source of truth for interoperability.”

Jacob Boye Hansen

CEO & Founder, CareCom